10 Popular Delusions I’m Happy to Keep Believing

  1. Reality TV is Real So Joseline isn’t really married to Stevie and Kylie Jenner’s lips aren’t real? Girl, bye. JK, just let me live please..
  2. Exercise Is Optional I hate exercise and I choose to live in a world where I don’t believe I need to do it to be healthy. Again, let me live!
  3. Hair Extensions Look Natural Blake Lively, Gossip Girl Season 1, taught me that in order to be beautiful you need a lion’s mane. Because we’re all born that way.
  4. Ordering Amazon Fresh is Eco Friendly, not Lazy If 20 people sit on their couches and order grocery delivery, and 1 person drives to deliver to all20 people, we’ve reduced our ecological footprint, right? It’s an edible carpool.
  5. Makeup Makes My Skin Clearer When my face looks naturally Photoshopped, deep down I know foundation has clogged my darling pores. But I like it.
  6. Weekend Calories Don’t Count Because science.
  7. Clubbing is Fun It’s not fun, but dressing up and looking gorgeous in dim lighting is always a hit!
  8. High Heels Don’t Hurt Let’s be real, they do…but heels also add inches to your height (and make you appear more slim) so they’re fine in my book!
  9. Wine Drunk is Classy Vodka drunk is shameless and wine drunk is classy af. Who cares if both girls end up drunk befriending each other in the same bathroom at 2am?
  10. Santa is Real He is real! He just happens to be a woman named Liah who owns a credit card and knows exactly what I want 🙂

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