Single for Summer! How to Get Over a Breakup

Let me start with a small disclaimer: I have been single since Halloween (literally, we broke up on Halloween). However, this summer is my first summer in Los Angeles and ya girl is single and ready to mingle!

First things first, new look. I have been obsessed with bangs for a few months now and one day I decided to go for it. I cut my own bangs! I feel fierce and sexy and badass, which in my opinion is the perfect way to start the summer!

Next, your summer wardrobe needs to be on point. Memorial Day, 4th of July, beach trips, barbecues, etc. Summer is social season and your look needs to be all the way on point, whether you’re going to meet future hubby or simply slay all day. Keep an eye out for my 4th of July look book for a little inspo!

Finally, your mindset needs to be pure. Not Virgin-Mary-pre-Lord-Jesus pure; pure as in there is no doubt in your mind. Be the badass bitch you know you are and own this summer! Your time is now.

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