Drunk Dial Your Ex

Ladies, ladies, ladies… we are all guilty of this one. Drunk dialing ex boyfriends is about as timeless as bringing roses on a first date. Not everyone does it, but the ones who do really give a fuck. And normally, that would be a good thing.

However, when you are trying to get over him/her and move on with your life, drunk dialing your ex is basically the worst thing you could possibly do. The only thing that could be worse is drunk stalking your ex and driving to his house. *That would literally be the worst thing but it would also be entertaining AF so pick your poison.

Drunk dialing/stalking is always a bad idea for one reason: you ended it for a reason. What are you going to say that hasn’t already been said? What are you hoping to gain from this conversation? Will your slurring words make him believe you are the woman who is supposed to raise his children and cook his Thanksgiving turkey for the rest of his life? Probably not.

Do yourself a favor, put the phone down, and pick up a shot of tequila. Better yet, put the phone down and pick up your self-esteem (yes honey, we’re getting real). You are only calling because you’re lonely and doubting yourself. You are better than that. You don’t need him, you have survived without him, and you will thrive without him. Ragers don’t end in tears. Do the right thing.

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