June Wish List

Why is it that every time summer rolls around my closet suddenly feels inadequate? Last year’s go-to items don’t seem as shiny and the luster has worn off of all of my favorite sunglasses and sandals. Fortunately, the fashion gods do not disappoint and there is always something new to spruce up my summer wardrobe.

First things first, how have I survived 24 years on this earth without these lavender metallic leather Tory Burch sandals?! They are absolutely gorgeous! According to Tory, these sandals are the color Rosa, but in my eyes, this is the same lavender I have loved every day of my life since my bedroom was panted this color when I was 8 years old. I also love how low key and laid back these little gems are! I can already see myself wearing them to either the rooftop bar at Perch or the Santa Monica Pier on a Sunday afternoon.

Our gal Tory is killing it this month with the release of the Carlotta slide. The black and gold Nayan Brocade pattern is simply beautiful! Because these flats are $350, they would definitely be reserved for fancier occasions, such as the vacation in Dubai I can’t afford to take.

Last but not least, I am obsessed with these simple 51mm rose gold aviator sunglasses by BP. As someone with a large, round face, I am obsessed with sizable sunglasses that are proportionate to my face. I have also found that this particular shape with a thin angular brow bar REALLY flatters the shape of my face! Coming in at the lovely price of $12, I can definitely afford these beauties and that makes them even better!

I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.

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