Don’t like your job? Quit

Girlboss. Season 1, Episode 2, 21:30. “Things are supposed to get better. But there’s really no guarantee that that’s true. For tons of people, their lives just get worse…and worse… and then that’s just it. They never figure out what they were put on this goddamn planet to do.”

I quit my job again. Not because I’m lazy, or because I hate work, or because my last boss was a 22 year old idiot (you know who you are). I quit because I could not dedicate that much of my life to something I didn’t love. How millennial of me, I know. Hear me out…

In my previous What Not To Do post, I adamantly advocated for not quitting your job and “being a grown up”. What I meant to say was, don’t quit your job without a backup plan or a means to make money. We live in a society where people believe that you need a job to be an adult. In reality, all you need is an income. A dream helps too.

Find your passion! Find what makes you happy. Find what is worth waking up at 8 am and working until 10pm for. Find you. Find out what you were put on this goddamn planet to do.

Fuck the grown ups. You have permission from every millennial who was told that they are spoiled, every little girl with a fashion blog, and every little boy with a makeup channel to follow your dreams. Quit your job. Do what you want to do, literally.

As for me, I’ll be working in West Hollywood, with a dope discount I can use for my videos, while blogging, YouTubing, and Instagramming my little heart away. I am a social influencer, and that is my full time job.

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes, cause I’ve still got a lot of fire left in me! #FightSong


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