Summer OOTW: Essential Accessories

As seen in my Los Angeles Outfits of Week, today we are talking accessories! I love all things shiny (clearly) but let’s focus on the 6 key pieces you need to get your wardrobe ready for any occasion, particularly in summer!


How many necklaces do I own? Too many to count. How many do I frequently wear? Two.

My first and absolute favorite necklace is this “gold” Forever 21 multi chain necklace. I am obsessed for a few reasons. First, there is only one clasp for the many chains. Anyone who has put on a necklace without help will appreciate this! Next, the chains and pendants are so simple and delicate that this necklace can literally be worn with anything! As long as gold jewelry works, so will this necklace!

My second favorite necklace in the entire world is also from Forever 21! Fun fact: Forever 21 is the land of chic and affordable jewelry! This “silver” chain link necklace is perfect because the chunky style contrasts with the elongated gold necklace and adds variety to your collection! And because chunky pieces are always trending, you can also pair this necklace with anything that works with silver jewelry!


While I am a huge fan of chic and affordable jewelry, the key to having a well balanced closet is to include a few timeless pieces.

My more affordable watch is rose gold and made by Michael Kors. Again, I am obsessed with buying more expensive pieces that are timeless and can easily be incorporated into any outfit. Why? Because if your watch is $300 no one will think your outfit cost $50, shoes included. Shop smart ladies!


My more expensive watch is a yellow gold watch made by Fendi. I AM OBSESSED. First of all, it’s Fendi. That automatically makes your outfit more chic. Next, this watch is so lightweight and feminine that it instantly adds a dash of class to whatever you’re wearing. I most recently wore this watch to Catch LA, paired with a $10 black dress, and I looked like a million bucks!


As every millennial knows, Converse sneakers are a staple in any closet! I wear converse with shorts, skirts, skorts, casual dresses, sweatpants, etc. The list continues. Spring for a pop of color, or stick with basic white. Either way, your feet and your pockets will thank you!

Last but not least: Cinderella pumps! NO, they are not actually called Cinderella pumps, but they do remind me of the glass slippers Cinderella would have worn if she’d gone to the ball in 2017, so that’s what I call them! These gorgeous (and comfy) pumps are from Lola Shoetique and feature a gorgeous chunky heel and nude base color that accents any style! Dress them up or down. Either way, you’ll be the bell of the ball!

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