Los Angeles Survival Guide

I am alive! I have officially lived in Los Angeles for 6 months and I have learned so much about this amazingly sunny and superficial place I call home. Confused? Check out my 6 Month LA Update. Thank you, and you are very welcome in return!

So let’s get down to it! How do you survive your first 6 months in the City of Angeles? First, find an apartment. Getting the perfect apartment in LA might be more difficult than finding the perfect man in LA, depending on who you ask. Here’s what you need to get your first apartment in this wildly overpopulated oasis.

  1. Stable Income
  2. Rent x 3
  3. 650+ Credit Score
  4. Cosigner.. when all else fails

I wish I could be the Good News Fairy and tell you that any of these are optional, but they are not. Sarcasm and humor aside, you need these!

Next, find work you enjoy! I do recommend finding this before the apartment, but if you are anything like me you do what you want! I think it is so crucial to find work that you enjoy. Follow your passion! Accomplish every single goal you have ever set for yourself, and get paid for it!

Last, find your tribe! Find those girlfriends you can talk business with, share secrets with, and window shop on Rodeo with! In this city filled with potentially the most shallow people on the planet, find those people that keep you grounded. For all my Grey’s fans, find your people.

Did you think there would be more? SURPRISE! That’s it! Once you’ve got the basics you’re all set! The key to surviving LA is to not think too much, have fun, hustle, and enjoy the ride!

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” –J.P. Morgan

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