ASOS Fall Wishlist

Fashion / Thursday, September 21st, 2017

I have a serious love/hate relationship with fall fashion. I LOVE the warm weather, cozy outfits, and layering trends; I hate how much it makes me want to shop (budgets amiright). Here are a few of the key pieces I am dying to have this fall! And if you haven’t already, check out my blog on the 4 Fall Essentials your wardrobe must have!


I cannot believe I’m saying this, but houndstooth is back in! How?? Why?? I honestly don’t know, but I am not mad! Houndstooth is bae because this pattern in incredible for hiding literally any and all imperfections. A mini skirt that makes me look better?! Yes please! Add chunky black tights for colder weather and you’re good to go!

In keeping with the pattern theme, I am also obsessed with the high-waist stripe! As a bottom-heavier woman, I love pieces that slim and elongate my legs and these navy white striped pants are more than ideal. The vertical stripe is perfect for making your legs look super long while distracting the eye from any problem areas while the high waist creates an effortless hourglass figure. Casual. Perfection.


Fun fact: I love trench coats and biker jackets. I am that kinda girl. ASOS is really good about having outerwear that I am obsessed with because they do a really great job of finding classic pieces with a flair, which is exactly what I am all about!

This pink bonded trench with contrast trims is so perfect for fall because 1) it’s pink and 2) it’s a trench. Does it get any better?! Kidding, I am obsessed with the petal pink, but I am also obsessed with the overall quality of this trench. From the buttons to the lapels, this trench is giving me Burberry vibes with a hint of Missguided.

The Vero Mode suede biker jacket is another example of finding classic pieces with a flair. I love that this is not a traditional black leather biker jacket and the tomato color and asymmetric zipper make it even more chic and fall fabulous!


As with any Outfit by Liah, I believe in flair! These Snake Eyelet detail boots are incredible because they are all you need to make an outfit great! I love easy street style and pairing a basic outfit with a distinct shoe creates an effortlessly chic outfit.

For days when the orange snake print is too exciting, I love the Snake Bow detail boots in black! These boots are special in their own right.

The black suede bow is ridiculously adorable and the texture difference creates a very cool contrast on the boot. I also like that these boots have a pointed toe, compared to the rounded toe, which give a classic vibe.

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” — G. Bruce Boyer

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