Top 5 Online Stores to Shop

ASOS | Romwe | Urban | Amazon | Sephora

Online shopping can be daunting! Here are my top 5 websites for everything you need!


ASOS has quickly become one of my all time favorite stores because of their wide selection of on trend items from popular brands. Instead of checking your favorite stores individually, head to ASOS for the best of them all! Check out my ASOS Fall Wishlist for inspo!


Whether you are looking to jumpstart your wardrobe for less, or supplement with trendy affordable pieces, ROMWE is your place! With an average price point of $20-$30, you can’t really go wrong! Oh, and the clothes are ridiculously adorable.


Urban is an oldie but goodie. And as I have recently stepped into adulthood, I have also noticed Urban Outfitters is a major key in home décor as well as fashion! For my ladies with a little more to spend, Anthropologie will be your new best friend! If you haven’t heard, their candles are i n c r e d i b l e.


I buy everything on Amazon. Hello Amazon Fresh review; I even buy my super healthy organic groceries on Amazon! Amazon sells everything from Whole Foods produce to furniture and jewelry. And with a prime membership, it all comes with free 2-day shipping. #yourewelcome


Sephora is bae because I hate shopping in more than one place for my beauty products. You can find virtually any beauty product, from affordable to high end, at Sephora and with their rewards program you might even qualify for a discount! Did I mention they carry #FentyBeauty?

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” — Bo Derek

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