Glossier Review: Boy Brow Black

Beauty, Makeup / Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Boy Brow. What can I say about Boy Brow?

I’ll start by saying that I was always Queen of The Overfilled Brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills was my very best friend and it took me a little too long to realize less is more. With that being said, ABH was my go-to brow product for around 3 years. And then I met Glossier and she introduced me to her cute new friend Boy Brow and he completely stole the show!

Boy Brow is everything I never knew I needed. By using less product, I somehow have more eyebrow. And obviously my brows are far from perfect, so to beat that little problem, I use a black brow pencil to apply a few strokes to the sparse areas of my eyebrows. Then, I go over everything with Boy Brow in black. The result looks so natural and every hair stays in place; it’s truly a brow dream.

Another reason I love Boy Brow:

It makes me feel beautiful. I like not having to draw my eyebrows on. I like actually seeing where my eyebrow hairs grow in funny. I like seeing where they’re sparse, because then I know where not to tweeze. I like having a makeup product that makes me want to take better care of myself, because I’m noticing things about my face and skin that I’d never noticed before.

I don’t see myself using another brow product for a very long time. Boy Brow, it’s you and me babe! Be sure to check out my Boy Brow Tutorial featuring Milk Makeup’s new Kush Mascara!


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