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Helloooooo ladies! I just uploaded Fuck Your Feelings and I am feeling all kinds of spicy. I also realized for an entrepreneur, my female entrepreneurship section is real empty. So hi, this is how I make my money and can vacation when I want (when I can afford), without technically having a job. And without literally having a boss. And without being a famous social influencer. It’s not always the most glamorous, but I’m pretty not prissy. Let’s do this. 🌸😎🥂

If you read my Quick Money post, then you might know I am the #queen of side hustles. But I’m getting older now. I’m 25. And consistency makes me happy. I just like consistency I can control and alter. (Ahem, flexibility). Which is why I make my money through 2 main channels at the moment: Uber and Temp Agencies.

Disclaimer: I pay for my own health insurance out of pocket.

Disclaimer: I get as many sick and vacation days as I want. I work for myself.

Disclaimer: You can start your own 401k. You don’t actually need a boss.


Uber is my baby boy. I love Uber. I make friends, I network, people give me free things like YSL perfume and sealed CBD samples*. Uber is a party in a job. Every day is different, and after you set aside your own taxes (approx. 20% depending on where you live), you make about $15-$20 per hour. And you get to set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want. And they give you bonuses!

Personally, I’m a lazy girl. I do not like hard work. I like spending money and getting tan. But I also like being a strong independent woman and being able to afford my own online shopping and vacations. So I work to live. I work just enough to provide the life I want for myself. And then I go have fun.

I make money and I have the ability to shop or vacation whenever I want. Because I make my own schedule and I can make as much (or as little) money as I need.  Is Uber the most glamorous? No. Is my life? Pretty fucking close.

*I save the CBD samples for later when I’m home. Driving while high is dangerous and super illegal. So is driving while drunk. Duh.


So Uber is great, but sometimes my butt hurts. And sometimes I get really annoyed with people thinking I’m their personal chauffeur. I’m getting paid $5 for this ride Nancy. Shut the f*ck up and stop asking for air conditioning. Gas is literally $4.09/ga right now. That’s better than my college GPA. NO.

Sometimes I don’t want to drive people around all day. I want to sit in an office and check my backlogged emails, or work on my business plan, or binge read what’s up on CNN. And I want to get paid for it just like everybody else. That’s where temping comes in and it is absolutely amazing.

For personal reasons, I am not going to tell you which exact agencies I temp through, but I will tell you that your city probably has a few temp agencies in whatever field you are in OR would like to go into. 😁💸

In case you don’t know how temping works, on Friday or Monday your temp recruiter will call or email you with openings they have available and tell you the pay rate, dress code, parking situation, etc. The pay is usually between $12-$15 per hour in LA (which is also why I prefer Uber) and you are physically in that office either a half day or a whole day. Sometimes 1 day, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 2 half days, sometimes 2 weeks. If you don’t want to work for a month, email your recruiter and say so. You’re free! Do what you want!

OR you can come across a company you love, they ask you to stay full time, and BAM! You just got your dream job!

Temping is great for women who:

  1. want to travel the world and still “have a job”,
  2. are starting their own businesses and need flexibility, and
  3. might not know which field they want to go into and want to try a few first.

Temping is actually amazing and if you don’t want a job, I suggest you work for someone temporarily, get your own shit together, and not have to quit when you leave because you never actually worked there.

Question: which is more important, having a life you love or a job that you think people will be impressed by? Let me know in the comments section! Love you byeeee!

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2 thoughts on “Update- How I Make Money 💸

  1. Great post! I actually do Instacart from time to time. Some people make $500-$1000/week shopping and delivering groceries for customers at stores like Ralph’s, Whole Foods, etc.

    I’ve done uber and Lyft and they were fun most of the time. But I hated the amount of miles put on my car in a short time. I went from maybe 70k-80k miles to 130k in a year. So Instacart helps me save gas and mileage plus I can make more money per hour. My first delivery I made like $92 for shopping. It was a lot of groceries and the person lived 30 minutes from where I was plus they gave me $40 or $50 tip which is unusual. But on an average you can make $20-40 per grocery trip and do 3-8 trips a day depending on the shift you choose to work, how large the order is, how long it takes per order, etc.

    I love the weekly pay, choosing my own hours, run errands between shopping order requests, etc. I believe there’s a $1,000 bonus for new Los Angeles shoppers.

    Become an Instacart Shopper https://shoppers.instacart.com/?referral=JBLACK82100

    1. So I recently tried instacart and I LOVED it! I just hate that it takes a week to get paid lmao. Thank you for the tip ❤️

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