Why You Should Work For Women 👠

I’ve recently decided I do not want to work for men anymore. Instead of dragging all my old bosses, let’s focus on the positives! Here’s why you  should work for women!

She is more likely to be your mentor. Women get women and chances are, she’s been in your shoes and can share your point of view. Better yet, she can add to it because she’s already gone through it. Men and women have different experiences and you might be able to better learn from a Girl Boss (get it lol) because she can relate to you.  Also, there are tons of resources specifically for women! (ex: scholarships, bar associations, etc.) and she might be able to help you gain access to those.

Women Achieve Results! Women have things to do! Including raising babies and making 7 figures. We’re great at multitasking; we love efficiency and results! Women tend to be better at working in teams; men tend to treat you like their assistant.

Social Proof: A CNBC article found that companies with female executives are more profitable . I think that’s because women are better at analyzing problems, which leads to more efficient solutions = more profit = more paycheck for you!

(Ideally) No sexual harassment. I promised I would not drag my old bosses, but at least 2 of my old bosses have made inappropriate advances towards me #MeToo. Frankly, I just got tired of having to quit my job because a man couldn’t learn how to keep his hands to himself. Women don’t tend to have that problem. Of course, there are exceptions, but we’re speaking generally here.

Women are more understanding of life things in general. Empathy and emotional intelligence are way more prevalent in women bosses, and that makes me really happy! Women also tend to be better at communication, which makes for a happier workplace.

Balancing work and professional life are no longer impossible.Women are more open to maternity and paternity leave, they understand the concept of work from home, and in general they also want to get home to their lives.

When working for men, I noticed they never try to see my point of view. Which 1. Makes me feel unappreciated and 2. Lowers the company’s retention rate because I don’t like feeling unappreciated. So I leave. And when you constantly quit jobs, you make less overall. Which increases the gender pay gap and have I said this already? You should work for women. 😍


  • She’s still your boss, not your girlfriend.
  • Respect her just as you would respect a man (lots of ppl don’t and that’s rude af).
  • Please do not go out for drinks with any of your bosses, male or female. It’s unprofessional and potentially unsafe. And you might get fired if you do something stupid, because that’s your boss! Don’t pull a Craig and get fired on your day off. ❤️

Song of the Day: Run The World x Beyonce 👑


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