I Can Fix All Your Problems 💋

Here’s the thing: I get way too attached. To boys, ideas, very specific foods. When I like something I hold on forever because it is my everything and I must fight to the death to protect it. I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe in grand gestures, unconditional love, and epic battle scenes.

That being said, I’m not really good at dealing with problems. I’m a little dramatic.

I was seeing this guy and he said (something along the lines of), “Think big picture babe, not everything is a battle. Give in to win the war.” And that brought a flutter to my little overly romantic heart. Because I’m also very lazy. And I like not having to fight about everything.

So basically he and I were discussing politics, race relations in America, and how I should learn to calm the fuck down sometimes #whatsyourpillowtalk. And then I remembered Kim Kardashian and the Band-Aids.

Kim and Kanye were fighting because Kim wouldn’t bring Kanye Band-Aids in bed or something, and Kim realized this was stupid, so she refused to bring the Band-Aids. Kanye gets mad and Kim proceeds to vent to Khloe.

Khloe listens then says, “just get the Band-Aids. If it makes him happy and you love your husband, just buy the damn Band-Aids. Who cares?”

That’s the key to life. Focus on the big picture and just deal with the little things. Win the war. That’s how you deal with problems.

Take care of all the small insignificant things, maybe make a few sacrifices, bite your tongue a bit, and then get the big thing you want in the end. The thing you really care about.

Like getting up and getting Band-Aids for your husband because you care that he feels taken care of. Or renting a second car because the engine on your brand new car blew out on your solo road trip to Los Angeles, and you just care about getting there (s/o to my neighbor Keke).

Sometimes you just gotta put on your big girl pants and deal with it. Who cares?

Moral of the Story: Relax. It’s not that deep. Get attached to your love. Remember your fucking dreams and don’t let petty shit derail them. Win the war. And enjoy the party!

Song of the Day: Glorious x Macklemore 💃🏽


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