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How To Find The Perfect Job 🦸🏽‍♀️

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve heard the great news: I found a job!

Honestly, I’d given up on the job search and decided Freelance Or Die, but then I met a really cool fashion designer and the game totally changed. Basically, I asked myself 2 questions. She passed. And the rest is history!

Here’s how to find YOUR perfect job:

1. Does this further my future goals?

Do you have goals other than have a 50 year career, retire, then die? Does your current job even have a 50 year lifespan? Would you prefer to start your own business? Has your dream in life always been owing a spiked lemonade stand?

These are questions you need to ask. If you want to save a lot of money and retire early in Thailand, that job is going to look a lot different than one meant for an astronaut.

You also need to ask what the job offers? Money. Duh. Opportunities for growth? Opportunities to try different fields? Opportunities to meet your future husband? Tuition reimbursement? Peace of mind? What matters to you?

What’s the point of getting up and going to this job every single day? Go after that.

I suggest picking a career path you’re interested in, finding people to contact, and reaching out to as many future mentors and connects as possible! Indeed works too.

2. Will I make enough money to do what I want?

The next big one, and in my opinion the most important: HOW MUCH ARE YOU GETTING PAID?

A job is something you do for money, not because your boss is nice. Will this job pay you enough to live comfortably?

Will you be living paycheck to paycheck? Can you afford to vacation twice a year? Do you even care to afford vacations or would you rather get company stocks? How much do you need to make to live a happy life inside and outside of work?

If you think money isn’t important, I can honestly tell you it’s the reason I’ve quit every single one of my jobs. If I don’t get paid enough to be miserable, I’m not doing it.

Your money should further your future goals. That’s it. Don’t let it run your life and don’t let a lack of money keep you from living your life.

Moral of the story: Everyone needs a job (because we all need money). Make sure your job makes you happy!

Song of the Day: Money x Cardi B 🥂


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