Hannah B + Handmaid’s Tale = The New Alabama #ROLLTIDE 🎓

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kinda girl who watches The Bachelorette, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and CNN for drama. With that being said, something caught my eye this week: Sweet Bachelorette Hannah B from Sexist Sassy Alabama… I wonder if she knows? #ROLLTIDE

This article started out as all the reasons I LOVE Hannah B, which I will list here: 

  1. She was the “crazy one” on Colton’s season of The Bachelor and that is #relatableAF. Cassie was normal and boring and I really wasn’t here for it; Cassie’s sister was on the show for 30 seconds and I even liked her better. 😂
  2. Hannah is NOT rehearsed. As someone equally quirky, and equally underestimated, I love seeing a smart woman who smiles, laughs, and is confused just as much as I am. Also, I once had a dude call me an airhead. I’m an Ivy League graduate; Hannah B graduated manga cum laude. Quirky isn’t stupid.
  3. Hannah B talks back! As gracious and charming as she is, this girl does not stand for bullshit. During the Colton season finale, I fell in love with her when Luke P tried to tell Hannah how to pin the first rose and she corrected him and pinned it her way. Some women would have acquiesced and let him do it wrong, not Hannah B!
  4. “I had sex and Jesus still loves me”. Well it’s good to know Jesus forgives, but what about Alabama State? 🤔 #ROLLTIDE
  5. She genuinely seems sweet AF. I would be friends at Hannah B. We would stroll the mall princess waving at all the wanna-be Miss America’s while laughing at all the boys who wish they could be our men. Then we would take our beautiful butts downtown and donate to the local homeless shelter, because that’s what actually matters. We also don’t use straws at Starbucks. #savetheturtles 🐢

The moral of this story is that women are smart, beautiful, capable, and AWESOME and men who try and control our bodies just turned a very sweet article into a very sour conversation. 

We smile, and we laugh; we flirt and we make conversation; and you might think we’re airheads, but I promise we are not. You (government of Alabama) CANNOT force women to have children we aren’t ready for. And apparently Alabama’s new bill-to-be-law excuses health complications, but NOT rape or incest. 

Meaning, if Hannah B got RAPED walking down the street, and her rape resulted in a pregnancy, and her doctor was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, it would be ILLEGAL for her to abort her rapists baby, period. She would literally be FORCED to birth (and raise?) her rapists child, or die trying. This is literal people, these are Alabama’s literal laws. 

Not personal enough? Here’s a scenario: 

There could be an instance where YOU are walking home from Trader Joe’s, YOUR HUSBAND is at work or something, and a random creepy man grabs you, pulls you into an alley, and does God only knows what with YOUR body. See Thelma and Louise bar scene.

Now, not only do you have to explain to your husband that you were violated by another man, but you also have to feel the shame associated with being sexually assaulted, and THEN you have to ask your husband if he’s ok with raising this man’s baby because according to Alabama you would be required BY LAW to birth it. 

Do you get a divorce? Does your boyfriend want to raise another man’s baby? Are your other children ok with mommy giving away their rapist-seed-brother after she’s been visibly pregnant for nine months? Have you seen Jo Wilson in the latest Grey’s Anatomy?? Are you ok with your first child being a curse instead of a blessing? 

(Hannah, woman who’s currently courting 30 men, how would you feel if this were you?? What would you do?)

No access to safe and legal abortions means more young/teen moms OR more young women who die trying to keep control of their bodies.

Hannah has been given a tremendous platform and I truly hope she uses it for good and uses her voice to protect the women in her state and all the other young women who look up to her. Politics are not in a bubble seperate from us and a Bachelorette that proudly yells #ROLLTIDE should also be aware of the policies affecting her and all future University of Alabama Bachelorettes.

As a 24 year old woman who is now making six figures from her role as Bachelorette, I would also assume Hannah B wants to keep her job and her income. And of course, her life. 

And now I feel it’s also time to point out that The Bachelorette has NEVER been a woman who is also a mom. Mom= no Bachelorette hopes. You could be a Bachelor contestant… but those women don’t make salaries and the mom never wins. You don’t want to be Colton’s Elyse. I want my husband to also be the father of my children. (No offense, Elyse)

On a personal note, I would never live in Alabama because I’m still not a fan of the Confederate flag, but I do realize how policies directly affect our everyday lives, and once one state legally violates the constitution AND Roe v. Wade, none of us are safe.

Again, I don’t live in Alabama so I’m not affected right now, but but there are plenty of women who do live there and I’m sure they would like to feel safe and respected as well. Also, Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale is trending because of this issue and I highly suggest you binge every season to catch up on the atrocities. Also, it’s a great show.

Here’s what YOU should do:

Decide how YOU feel about abortion issues and why. If you got raped tomorrow and found out you were pregnant, what options would you want? Do you want to raise a rapist’s baby? Will you have to reallocate the money you’ve been saving for a condo for a new college fund? Are you even finished paying your own student loans? Are you ok trading DryBar blowouts and fancy eyelash extensions for baby formula?

Are you ok putting your child up for adoption? Do you want the freedom to consider your options as a young woman thriving in her 20’s/ a potential new mom? Are you ok being stuck with this demon-seed- Chucky-child for the rest of your life? I’m not. No fucking way. Especially not right now. I’m twenty five.

How important is your freedom to you? How important is your career to you?  How important is your marriage? Your husband doesn’t have to birth this baby, YOU do. How do you feel about that??

A lot of us don’t plan or expect to accidentally get pregnant, but NONE of us plans or expects to get raped. Take that into consideration when you consider that a state in this beautiful country is actively working to take away your freedom to choose what happens in that exact situation

And if you live in Alabama (or don’t), contact your Governor, Kay Ivey (334.242.7100) and let her know that you like your rights, and you plan to KEEP them. #ROLLTIDE 🤙🏽


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