I Don’t Want A Job, I Want A Baby 🧸

Just talked to my mom and she dropped that little “B” word again: burden.

I do not want a job. In fact, I have NEVER wanted a job. I have literally quit every job I’ve ever had and just last week I turned down a $55k marketing position in Los Angeles to be unemployed in New Jersey. My mom thinks I should apply to Target. Know what I want? A rich husband and babies.

I get it, for other women that might not be a reality. For my mother, that is probably not a reality. But me? A tall, lean, well spoken, 26 year old Ivy League graduate who looks like a model and now lives 30 minutes outside Manhattan? This could 100% be my reality.

Fun Fact: I used to love the show Imposters (I still do, just haven’t seen any new episodes) and I do think I could get a guy to propose in 2-3 months. I truly believe I can. In fact, that actually sounds like a FUN challenge! It even sounds like something I can vlog and put on my YouTube channel. 🌞

And if it doesn’t work, I get a divorce. But if it does work, I’ll have everything I ever wanted (literally) and I can move on to finding the next great thing that makes me really happy, with a family I adore in tow. #winning!

Maybe once I have a family, I’ll actually want a career. Maybe once my heart is taken care of, I can focus on pleasing society. Because right now I don’t want a career in the slightest, I just want a husband. Then a baby. And since I graduated I’ve been so unfocused. I keep saying I need a tangible goal. A gorgeous ring (attached to a great guy) IS a tangible goal. 😊❤️

Grown ass women don’t ask permission.

I will always hustle so that there’s cash in my bank account and I will never depend on a man if I don’t want to. My mother asked, “well what if you meet someone you’re compatible with who’s not rich?” Well then baby girl, we are not compatible. I am one of the most go-getting b*tches you will ever meet; my husband needs to be the same.

I am not a gold digger, I just know what I want. And I have always wanted a family more than I wanted a job. That doesn’t make me not a feminist, or not strong, or not an independent woman. It makes me ME.

I will always be unhappy if I keep chasing things other people want. Other people can have ALL the office jobs, I don’t want it. I literally don’t.

I want YouTube and my blog and a beautiful life to film. I want to run a nonprofit that helps women start businesses. I want a platform where I can freely speak my mind. And the best part? We live in a society where that lifestyle PAYS. My dream of having a rich husband and cute babies could be the exact thing that launches my career and puts me on Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Or makes me a New York Times Best Selling Author. Or both! Those are my dreams. Society can keep everything else.

Also, I’m actively applying to law school at the moment (taking the LSAT in September! 😁) and I do realize I could meet my husband there, Elle Woods style. So maybe I won’t get married right away. Maybe it’s ok to just admit that I want it. ❤️

🌸 Watch my Bachelor Audition ⤵️

Song of the Day: You Belong x Rachel Platten


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