Want Success? Plant A Seed Every Day 🌵

This week, I figured out something that’s kind of important: Do ONE thing at a time. I have so much to do, that I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing; and yesterday, I stuck to one thing all day and got it done.

To be more specific, yesterday I completed ❤️ my casting application for The Bachelor. Of course I was still stressed and overwhelmed about not creating the new store; and today that’s what I woke up stressed about. But know what I’m not stressed about? My Bachelor application. 😁 That envelope is sealed, signed, dated, and ready to go. It just needs a stamp.

Plant a seed every day.

Don’t just look at the seed. Don’t just plan how to have an illustrious garden. Don’t just wonder about your garden full of tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, limes, and whatever else you want. Plant the tomatoes. Then plant the cucumbers. Then the lemons, then the limes. Then you have a garden.

It’s 9:40 AM on a Wednesday and all I have to do today is build a website and create ads. That’s it! I have all day and I’m home alone with nothing else to do. I get to plant another seed today. 🤗

Tomorrow morning when my store is up, what will I be stressed about? That’s a story for another day. 🦋

Here’s your to-do list:

  1. Write out everything you want. Not things you “need to do”, but things you actually want for your life. I want to be on The Bachelor and run an online clothing store. Then I want babies, and a kick ass nonprofit for women.
  2. Assign each thing on your list to a specific day. I don’t have a job or kids, so I have plenty of time. Do you only have weekends? Every Sunday you accomplish a task. Deal?
  3. Only add things to your list that can be accomplished in a day. “Start a Nonprofit” is not on my list. “Do market research and schedule interviews with female entrepreneurs” is.
  4. See that list get shorter every week. That’s the beauty of getting sh*t done. Once it’s done, it’s freaking done!
  5. Revel in how happy your life looks when your seeds start to blossom. You did it! Step by step, day by day.

Plant your seeds baby girl! See your dreams come to fruition. 🌷

Song of the Day: Work B*tch x Britney Spears


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