It’s My Mom’s Birthday 🧁

So today is my mom’s birthday! And of course I’m sending her a gift, but I also wanted to write something to tell my mom how much I love her. Except it was a little hard, because we haven’t always had the best relationship. So, I googled “famous songs about moms”. It took me one song to know what to write.

Here’s why I love my mom:

  • She’s beautiful. Her smile and laugh have always been two of my favorite things in the entire world. My mother lights up every room she walks into and I love her for it. My mom sparkles. 
  • She’s literally one of the strongest people I know. I remember when I was around 12 my aunt stopped paying the mortgage (for months) and one day stopped taking my mom’s rent money because she was telling us to move out. Abruptly. Because foreclosure. My mom freaked for a bit, but then she bought the house. My early 30’s single mom turned a shitty situation into home ownership. And then she turned it into investment property. Like a boss.
  • My mom really is a boss. Literally. My mom employs half of my family. My mom is the reason I know my grandma is okay while I’m all the way in Alaska. My mom is the reason I can afford to send my grandma new purses while I’m all the way in Alaska. My mom is setting an example for my little sisters and all the other little black girls in my community. My mom is showing Newark Black Female Entrepreneurship every day. My mom is changing the world. 
  • My mom has a really nice touch. We stopped hugging as I got older, but sometimes I break down and let her hug me and I swear I can melt in her arms. My mom fills me with warmth, especially when I need her the most. 
  • My mom is pretty fucking selfless. She doesn’t give me everything I want, but she definitely gives a lot to a lot of people. Apparently my mom is kind of a pushover, who knew! I love that I’ve lived with my mom my entire life and other people can still show me things about her that I love. 
  • I just really fucking like her. The more I get to know my mom, the more I really really like her. The more I respect her. The more I admire her. The more I’m proud of her. She’s kind of cool. 

I am proud to say that I feel like I could go on forever, but I think we get the point. I love my mom. And as I’m sitting in Alaska with the privilege to start an online fashion brand and prepare to move to a new city, I can’t help but thank her too. 

Thank you mom for everything you have ever done for me. Thank you for allowing me to wreck your car on my joyride to Delaware and live to brag about it. Thank you for tucking me in and kissing my forehead my first night home from LA. Thank you for being my net and making sure I never fall too far. Thank you for teaching me travel is life. Thank you for always coming back when I push you away. (Thank you for breast feeding and pumping for me when I was a baby). Thank you for being the strong, boss of an empire that you are. And thank you for never being afraid to leave a man you knew wasn’t your soulmate. Thank you for being the absolute best example of a woman. I love you. 

Happy Birthday! 


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