Feeling Super Grateful This Thanksgiving 🦃

As we all know, Thanksgiving just passed and while it’s not the New Year, I can’t help but reflect on the crazy year it’s been so far.

If you follow my blog then you know that in this last year alone I have lived in my car, been unemployed, and traveled like my life depended on it. I was lost, literally, and figured I would travel until I found myself or a better place to be.

I settled on New York City and this month alone has been life changing.

Today, I am grateful for my completed logo! I am grateful that I have the funds to pay an awesome graphic designer to help me build my dream. I am grateful that I am launching my own fashion line this February and it gets to be everything I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. I am grateful that I’m brave enough to attempt Vlogmas this year and get my YouTube career back on track. I’m grateful that I’m brave enough to know my ex might watch and do it anyway.

What else am I grateful for? My home, and a bed to sleep in every night. My Uber driver yesterday told me she is currently living in her car so I gave her my pepper spray, bought her dinner, and told her to call me if she ever wants to sleep in a bed. I’m always nice to strangers but this woman felt different.

Seven months ago I was living in my car on food stamps. Nowhere felt like home and I figured I would drive until I found it. During a serious depressive episode. And then I pulled myself through. I’m thankful for that too. And I hope I gave her the faith to know she’ll get through it herself. And maybe she’ll even appreciate this time because even if it doesn’t make her stronger, at least she’s found a new friend in me.

Here are some more things I’m grateful for:

Grateful for all the crazy dates I’ve been on lately.

Grateful that I don’t pay rent.

Grateful that my grandma lets me be me.

Very Grateful that I have weed to smoke every night.

Grateful for my job. And pending promotion!

Grateful that the twins still love me even when I’m not there.

Grateful that I get to start the business of my dreams at 26 years young.

I know the holidays are starting and people are both excited and stressed, but this holiday season I urge you to be excited. I urge you to find what you’re grateful for and realize that even if it sucks now it’s a part of your story and potentially the biggest blessing of your life. Because this will get you where you need to be.

I urge you to put down the Thanksgiving leftovers and make a list of what you’re grateful for right now, at this very moment. And then I urge you to make a prospective list of what you’ll be grateful for next year. And fight like hell to achieve it.

Happy Thanksgiving my darlings! This season has just begun. 😉


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