Thank You, God. Sincerely, CEO.

My mom agreed to be my first business investor and I just sent her the contract to sign.

I just wanted to thank God really quickly before everything changes and I completely jump headfirst into my new life.

So here it is: Thank you God for everything. Thank you for my struggles. Thank you for making me strong and compassionate. Thank you for making me beautiful. Thank you for making me brilliant. Thank you for my mother and our new willingness to work together to heal our relationship. Thank you for breaking down my ego; I don’t need that shit.

Thank you for building me to be proud. I like me and that’s new and amazing and I am so grateful.

Thank you for raising me to be someone who really cares about other people. Thank you for teaching me I might be the next Angela Davis, or Beyoncè, or Oprah. Combined. Thank you for making me a woman.

I just got off the phone with the storage company in LA and I don’t want anything I put in storage before I left; sell it all. Who gets to start new like this? I have a fresh start to move to Boston, or NJ, or even back to Los Angeles if I want.

I’m free and I’m self-employed. I have my own company. I’m 26. Thank you, God for the abundance of blessings you have sent my way. I will make you so proud. I will change the world. I may even get Elizabeth Warren elected for President. I don’t really know what my future holds, but I do know it will be great.

I may take the rest of the night “off”, not sure yet, but I vow to wake up a woman on fire tomorrow. I will wake up a woman with a purpose. Thank you for that.



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