COVID-19: Stop Waiting For Tomorrow 🦠

I made another sale today! My first on Shopify since I switched platforms. How many Shopify stores have I had over the years? I got my first Shopify sale today!! And fun fact: if the customer pays with Paypal I get paid same day, just like Depop. Except larger orders so more profit. Yay!

I feel weird because I’m not sure where I am or what’s next. I watched Someone Great with my Grandma Rita tonight #quarantine2020. I’m over my ex, finally!! YAY!

Actually, I think I might even be ready to fall in love again? What does that look like? How will he support my dreams? I want a husband who will always pick up and move to Los Angeles with me. Not because he’s whipped, but because he just wants to be where I am. And because he believes in me. That’s important to me. I know that now. πŸ’œ

It’s funny because I finally feel like I’m ready to live my life again and now we’re all under self-quarantine. Soon-to-be mandated quarantine. Yay! (not). So that sucks; summer is coming and I really wanted to play. Maybe this can teach me to stop waiting for tomorrow?

Jlo and Arod are making Tik Toks now. Coronavirus has literally leveled the playing field. Everyone has their homes, their electronic devices, and their bodies. Some people have lots of money. That’s pretty much it. We’re all the same otherwise. Coronavirus has really created the perfect time to relaunch my social media career. From home, in my pajamas.

Maybe God knew I wouldn’t rejoin the world on my own so he brought the world to me: via mobile. And then when everyone gets to go back outside I will rejoin them. I’ll be ready too. Then maybe that’s when I’ll meet my husband. Maybe? Definitely! I want him.

Now that I have me I want him too. I promise not to lose my dreams or myself because we’re all I’ve got, but I want dessert too. But like, dessert. Never rely on him for all my nutrients. 🍩

I want more sales. Now.


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