Thank You, God. Sincerely, CEO.

My mom agreed to be my first business investor and I just sent her the contract to sign.

I just wanted to thank God really quickly before everything changes and I completely jump headfirst into my new life.

So here it is: Thank you God for everything. Thank you for my struggles. Thank you for making me strong and compassionate. Thank you for making me beautiful. Thank you for making me brilliant. Thank you for my mother and our new willingness to work together to heal our relationship. Thank you for breaking down my ego; I don’t need that shit.

Thank you for building me to be proud. I like me and that’s new and amazing and I am so grateful.

Thank you for raising me to be someone who really cares about other people. Thank you for teaching me I might be the next Angela Davis, or Beyoncè, or Oprah. Combined. Thank you for making me a woman.

I just got off the phone with the storage company in LA and I don’t want anything I put in storage before I left; sell it all. Who gets to start new like this? I have a fresh start to move to Boston, or NJ, or even back to Los Angeles if I want.

I’m free and I’m self-employed. I have my own company. I’m 26. Thank you, God for the abundance of blessings you have sent my way. I will make you so proud. I will change the world. I may even get Elizabeth Warren elected for President. I don’t really know what my future holds, but I do know it will be great.

I may take the rest of the night “off”, not sure yet, but I vow to wake up a woman on fire tomorrow. I will wake up a woman with a purpose. Thank you for that.



Here’s What You Should Wear For Thanksgiving Dinner 🛍

Thanksgiving is broken down into two occasions: Friendsgiving and family dinner. Friendsgiving is great because you get to stay in, eat, drink, impress your friends with how cute you are, and possibly go to bars after. Family dinner is all about eating everything your grandma makes, playing with children, impressing your elders, and possibly running into ex boyfriends that your parents still love. Two very different occasions call for two very perfect outfits. Here are the only two outfits you need this holiday season, featuring 7 of my favorite brands to shop.


This Friendsgiving is all about looking cute while remaining comfortable; it’s the high school reunion of holidays. For this delicate balance, I will provide 1 dress with 2 variations you can choose to wear. 

Missguided Faux Leather Oversized Shirt Dress


I love this look because it is so easy to wear. The oversized boyfriend-shirt look is great because it’s sexy and comfortable! You can literally eat (and drink) whatever you want and no one can see the difference.

I also love this top because you can kind of wear it anywhere if you pair with the right accessories. For Friendsgiving, we’re easy going and sophisticated: tights and boots.

Option 1: Black Tights & Textured Boot

$199.95 (Orange Leather)

42 Gold Kailynn Knee High Boot

I’m a huge fan of styles you can rewear and find that a successful fashionista wardrobe is filled with key timeless pieces.

These boots are a gorgeous choice because they are understated yet the textured leather adds a flare to any outfit. All of your friends will be asking where you got your boots; its your decision whether you want to share.

Nordstrom BP. Black Tights

A simple black tight is a staple for any wardrobe and keeps your legs warm through chillier months. I love this set by BP. because you get two pairs of decent quality tights for the bargain price of $19.


Feel free to mix and match with your existing wardrobe or keep the extra pair in your purse in case one of your drunk friends accidentally rips your tights.

Cheers to life long friendships and too many glasses of wine. Happy Friendsgiving!

Option 2: Accent Tights with Chic Black Boot  

Gucci Supreme Logo Tights

These Supreme Logo tights are the perfect way to spruce up a basic outfit while slightly flexing on your friends.


Personal experience has taught me that ex boyfriends tend to show up to Friendsgiving dinners with new girlfriends and these tights are the perfect way to say , “Hi. Grown ass woman here. Stylish and sophisticated. Can your girl afford these?” but in a classy way.

Dark Orange Suede Heeled Slouch Boots Because the tights are a little loud, I chose to pair them with a simple chestnut boot. Again, pieces you can wear with numerous outfits are key to having a stellar wardrobe.


I love River Island as a brand because they have the most gorgeous, expensive looking items at a fraction of what great boots cost. When Carrie Bradshaw said she needed a $20 dress to go with her $200 shoes, I felt that.

Smart shoppers know if you splurge on Gucci you have to save somewhere else. River Island makes that compromise a lot more fun and you still look better than your ex.

Family Dinner

Pink Embellished Long Sleeve Top

Let’s eat pie and play with some babies!!


This embellished top is perfect for Thanksgiving for two reasons. 1) it’s gorgeous an the embellishments make it look more expensive than it is and 2) it’s loose enough that you can hide as many food babies as you please. No one is turning down seconds here.

The Asymmetric neckline gives an air of togetherness so when your aunt asks why you’re still single you can confidently say “I’M WORKING ON MY CAREER” and your outfit will prove it.

Women Soufflé Yarn Flare Skirt

Speaking of careers, this skirt is perfect for family dinner and going back to the office, so you can confidently purchase knowing it won’t sit in the back of your closet after the holidays end.


Uniqlo is one of my favorite brands because of their affordable pricing on quality pieces. Wool anything, puffer jackets, cardigans and skirts galore. You name it, Uniqlo probably has a low cost version of it. This skirt is also perfect for posing with your cousin’s baby so you look wifey AF on Instagram.

Marc Fisher Daith Pointed Toe Bootie

We love a statement boot! Nothing says maturity like paring a tan wool skirt with f*ck-me booties. I chose Red Croco leather for this exact reason.

(Dark Red Croco Leather)

The key to feeling your best this holiday season is looking your best and feeling confident in your skin.

Be sure to focus on comfortable clothes, sexy accessories, and have business cards in hand for those relatives who may think your career is a millennial mess. You can survive whatever family throws at you this season. I believe in you! These boots will help.




42 Gold 

Nordstrom BP.

River Island


Marc Fisher