Ultimate Los Angeles Moving Guide

Hi! I’m Liah: a small YouTuber, recent Cornell graduate, empowered feminist and aspiring entrepreneur. Everything You Need to Move to Los Angeles gives readers an inside scoop of everything I wish I knew when I moved to LA, and everything I’ve learned along the way. Download and enjoy!

Need a little adventure? Cross country road trip! (or live vicariously through my YT channel) 😋


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Los Angeles Moving Guide

  1. Such a good read! There are a ton of need-to-know gems found within this guild. Everything from savings to apps concisely packed within an enlightening, yet personal e-book. If you’re considering a move to LA, I’d strongly recommend giving this a read!

  2. Ordered and read it all in one day! It was very informative and gave me lots of new things to try now that I’m here in LA!! Strongly recommend this to anyone looking to move to LA of any other big city!!

  3. I found this book to be very informative. There is A LOT of information in here but I am the type of person who wants all the details so it worked for me. I highly recommend this book!

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