What Happens In LA…


Are you a subscriber curious about my time in LA? Or are you simply curious about LA culture?


Well here you go! 😊


This wild ride of an eBook covers:

  • The REAL Ups and Downs of Living in Los Angeles
  • Dating Horror Stories from My Early Twenties
  • Scandalous Celebrity Gossip Stories
  • FREE Advice for Finding Your Passion
  • How I Became Self Employed at 25 ❤️
  • Did I mention? All this juicy tea can be read in one day! 

My advice: Get nosy. Buy the book and live your best glam life. Right now! 💕



Hi! I’m Liah: a small YouTuber, Cornell graduate, empowered feminist, writer, and entrepreneur. What Happens in LA gives readers an inside scoop of all the drama that’s happened since I moved to LA. Download and enjoy!

Need a little adventure? Cross country road trip! (or live vicariously through my YT channel) 😋



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